Past Winners – Winners of 2012 Entyce Design Awards

Highly Commended: Johanna Ny, Bolton University

Winner 2012 Johanna Ny commendedJohanna Ny’s innovative ideas and standard of work was extremely high. What stood out in particular was Johanna’s promotional cards, which had a series of holes punctured through postcards, which when held up to the light created a constellation of stars.

Winner of logo design: Amanda Jenkins, Runshaw College

Winner 2012 Amanda JenkinsAmanda’s design for the logo of the Starlight Walk was a sure winner with the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. This design is now seen on all material promoting the walk which takes place in September 2012.

Winner of advertising: Christina Russell, Runshaw College

Winner 2012 Christina Russell AdvertisingChristina entered a series of adverts for a variety of events for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd. Her Jubilee tea party design was used for the June promotion. After capturing the eyes of the Hospice in the EDA 2012, Tina has been presented

Winner of banner design: Sarah Jump, Rakesh Patel, Ailsa Cooper – Bolton

Winner 2012 Group BannerThis group entry from Bolton caught the eyes of all judges. Each sheep represented a different character, all of which could help the Hospice in different ways. From a magician to a nurse, this design incorporated captures the attention of all types of people, encouraging them all to help with the Hospice.

Winner of promotional material: Sarah Jump, Rakesh Patel, Ailsa Cooper – Bolton

Winner 2012 Group PromotionalThis category was also won by the group from the Banner design. A huge amount of effort and dedication was put into this entry. These students from Bolton devised a promotional pack which would be sent to schools and nurseries to involve children of all ages and get them involved in fundraising in a fun way. A fabulous entry that kept us all entertained for hours.